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4 Signs You Should Be Replacing Your Garage Door

Your home garage door is important for home security, for maintaining your property value, and for allowing convenient garage parking. An old garage door that has reached the end of its usable life is going to cause you all sorts of problems, and should be replaced as soon as you have the chance.

1. Excess Noise
A garage door that is nearing the end of its useable life is going to start being a lot noisier when it opens and closes. The change may be gradual and difficult to notice, but, if it sounds excessively loud to you now, then it probably has gotten louder over the years. Unusual popping and creaking noises are also something to listen for.

2. Frequent Malfunction
Another major sign that your garage door has reached the end of its usable life is if it experiences frequent malfunctions and often requires repairs. While garage doors need some regular upkeep, they shouldn't always be on your to-do list. By constantly needing to have it fixed, you may be losing more money in the long run than you would by simply having it replaced.

3. Extensive Damage
Garage doors can amass a variety of dings, dents, bumps, and scrapes over the years, in particular, also have to put up with a lot of hail damage. While minor damage doesn't pose much of a problem, extensive damage that has been piling on for a long time can't really be fixed with just some small repairs.

4. An Energy Bill Spike
n old, damaged door which isn't operating or sitting as well as it once did can negatively impact the energy efficiency of your home. If your garage door is showing some of the signs described above and you've noticed a spike in your energy bill, then it could be because you are losing too much heating and cooling energy through your garage.