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How to Make a Garage Door Last

Garage doors can be heavy on your wallet which is why you’d want them to last long too. Although they do come with a warranty of around 10 years or so, they will still require maintenance for you to continue using them as long as possible.

With the right preventive care and maintenance, you should be able to keep your garage door for decades.

Inspect your door

You need to keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear on your door. Are there any dents or cracks? Is it opening and closing smoothly? Automatic doors should open without making a noise; if the door creeks, makes grinding noises, something is wrong. Examine the pulleys and cables of the door. Are both sides symmetrical?

Maintain the hardware

Like with any door, the nuts and bolts of garage doors do become loose with time. To ensure that your door operates smoothly, use a socket wrench to tighten the roller brackets and bolts every few months.

Balance the springs

Garage door springs are the most common cause of garage doors not working properly. Open your door manually and leave it halfway. If the door doesn’t stay put, it indicates that your springs need to be rebalanced.

Check your rollers

As with the springs, your rollers need regular maintenance as well. Whether your rollers are made of nylon or steel, you need to have them checked at least twice a year. Every few years, they will have to be replaced depending on how often your door is used.

If you notice any chipping or cracks in your rollers, you’re advised to replace them immediately to avoid any further damage to your door. Roller brackets which are not linked to the cable system will need to be removed and reinstalled.

Change your weather-stripping

Check the weather-stripping for tears and gaps. Any exterior light that is coming through the top, sides or bottom of the door is a sign that your weather-stripping has gaps and needs to be replaced. Weather-stripping kits are available in hardware stores but it’s best to turn to professionals for proper installation.

If you’re looking for experts in weather-stripping in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Grimsby, Hamilton and the surrounding areas, Ben’s Garage Door Repairs can help you out. We offer a range of durable seals that prevent energy leaks in the winter while keeping critters and rodents out of your garage.

Inspect the cables

The cables of your garage door are of utmost importance because if they aren’t working properly, your door can be a safety risk. Your cables need to be checked regularly, especially near the bottom bracket of the roller. If there are any broken strands, call garage door repair experts to replace them. Do not attempt to do it on your own as it is dangerous.

Check auto-reverse safety features

Today all doors have auto-reverse safety features, if your door doesn’t have this feature, you should get it replaced. The auto-reverse feature enables the door to go backwards if an object comes in its way as it moves forwards.

To test this feature, place an object (a tool box, brick, slabs of wood, etc.) in the way of the door. Upon making contact with the objects, the door should reverse.

To test garage doors that open sideways, simply place your leg in front of the door as it closes, the door should reverse slowly when it touches your leg.

Lubricate where needed

Most mechanical parts that move will require lubrication to run smoothly; the same applies to your garage doors. The springs of your door would need to be coated with a spray lubricant which you should be able to find in hardware/home-improvement stores. Cover the chains and screws with white lithium grease to make sure the door operates smoothly.

Care for your door

If you want anything to last long you need to look after it. Your garage door needs to be washed to prevent the buildup of dust.

Wooden doors are most susceptible to water damage; they need to be protected with paint. Steel garage doors are much stronger than wooden ones but they are vulnerable to rust. Prevent rust spots in your door by sanding, priming and dusting it every now and then.

Since your garage door makes up a large part of your exterior, you should make an effort to keep it clean. In case you don’t trust your abilities to maintain your garage door yourself, simply call up Ben’s Garage Door for a consultation.

Any tuning-up that your door requires can be on the same day.

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