Protect Your Garage Door During Bad Weather Conditions

How to Protect Your Garage Door During Bad Weather Conditions

With the recent thunderstorms and tornado attack in Canada, the damage done to properties and power outage made it difficult for Canadians.

Some homeowners experienced broken windows and damaged garage doors. While windows are easily replaceable, garage doors are another thing. They’re heavy doors that not only protect your car, but your property as well, from weather-related damage.

Unfortunately, while protecting your property, they can easily get damaged.But by taking preventive measurements, it becomes easier to protect your garage door from bad weather conditions. Here are a few things to consider:

Inspect for Cracks and Damage:

Earthquakes and tornados are the reason for the foundation of your home becoming vulnerable and weak. While we make sure that nothing in our house is broken after a natural disaster, we often forget about garage doors.

Check to see if there are cracks or damage to your garage door. If you see something, call a professional repair company.

Invest in Weather Seals

Garage door seals help prevent air and other elements from entering your garage. They cover the bottom of garage doors and help prevents moisture, insects, and fungi from damaging your door.

By installing weather seals, you can prevent major damage occurring to your property as well.

Install a Proper Drainage System

Gutters and drainage systems do an impeccable job of preventing water from damaging properties. Unfortunately, street gutters and drainage systems overflow during bad weather conditions (like storms and heavy rain).

The solution to the problem is installing a proper drainage system near your driveway. This will help keep the water at bay, and protect your garage door from damage.

A French drainage is perfect for this. They allow water to flow—the drain empties at a distance from your property.

Talk to a Professional

Keeping these tips in mind, it’s also a good idea to consult with a professional repair service. A commercial garage door repair service will help you figure out and identify the problem.

Professionals have equipment and tools necessary to prevent damage from occurring. They also have the knowledge to prevent mishaps. Furthermore, they will be able to provide you with guarantee/warranty for their services.

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