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When Does Your Garage Door Need Aluminum Capping?

When you look at the exterior of a building, don’t you automatically begin making judgments of how things may be on the inside? The exteriors of a building are basically the first impression. The same way, the front of your house represents the inside too.

A well-maintained garage door makes a big difference on the over-all appeal of the house. By installing aluminum capping on your door frame, you can get an instant upgrade on the curb appeal of your house.

Capping your garage door refers to covering the frame of your door with aluminum to protect it from the elements. It lowers your maintenance costs sufficiently and you won’t have to be worry about painting or developing rust on your door frame again. Aluminum capping is available in a variety of colors that you can match with your walls, to add finesse to the look of your house which in turn raises its resale value.

You should consider aluminum capping when:

  • You’re constantly repainting

If you find yourself having to paint your door frame every few months, then you should consider capping it.

We have a tendency to judge the inside of the house based on what we see on the outside. Wooden frames with chipped paint could indicate that the inside of the house is also poorly maintained. Painting your garage door frame will improve the look of your house but it’s just a temporary solution. On the other hand, covering your frame with aluminum capping is more of a permanent fix.

Paint not only refines the look of your house but also protects the wooden frame that holds your door. Wooden frames can easily be damaged by natural elements which is why aluminum capping is so convenient.

  • There’s moisture in the environment

When you live in an environment with high humidity or one where it rains often, it’s better to invest in aluminum capping for your garage door frame. Aluminum capping guards the frame from moisture, preventing it from long-term damage.

  • You want to save money

Cost-effectiveness is the greatest advantage of aluminum capping. Garage door frames get damaged easily due to the exposure of natural elements and so they often need to be replaced. However, aluminum capping is much stronger and is resistant to damage from the environment. Unlike a wooden door frame, it won’t have to be replaced after it’s been installed.

Aluminum capping is essentially a one-time investment; your garage door maintenance costs will drop significantly after installation.

If you’re located in Guelph, Grimsby and Waterdown, Ben’s Garage Door Repairs can install your aluminum capping for you and do a quick check of your garage door at the same time.

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