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Automatic Garage Door Safety and Security

The look of your house and garage door from the outside matters to you; it’s that “curb appeal” you’re after. Although it’s important to keep your garage door looking great, it’s equally important (if not more important) to keep that door functioning properly.

Garage door safety check

Not only do you want your automatic garage door to work well all year long, you also want it to be safe for you and your family. Make sure your automatic garage door is safe by doing the following:

-Ensure small children can’t access the garage door opener or the button.

-Keep kids away from the garage door remote.

-Never put fingers between the doors (make sure children are aware of this as well).

-Know how to use the garage door’s emergency release features (look at your owner’s manual).

-Inspect garage door once per month: look at cables, rollers, springs and pulleys for signs of wear but don’t repair, adjust or remove any parts yourself as this can be very dangerous; call a professional company that specializes in residential garage doors.

-Test garage door opening mechanism: place a 2x4 board in the door’s path. The door should reverse when coming into contact with the board; if it doesn’t, call a professional company that specializes in residential garage doors.

-Don’t leave door halfway open: this is dangerous as it can fall on an object or a person, and it’s not wise for home security.ergy efficiency of your home. If your garage door is showing some of the signs described above and you've noticed a spike in your energy bill, then it could be because you are losing too much heating and cooling energy through your garage.

Security tips

Make sure the inside of your garage, and your home, are secure any time you are away from the house:

Upon leaving for vacation, use the vacation lock button on the wall lock console.

Never leave the garage door remote in your car. Burglars break into cars and use the remote to get into the garage and house. Take the remote with you, or opt for a keychain one. Always lock the door between the garage and your house, especially if you keep the remote in your car.